A perfect day at Sandend Beach – Our life coming out of shielding

Looking out to sea at Sandend Beach Aberdeenshire - Debbie Dee Photography - Aberdeenshire family photography

On the 18th March we were preparing to go into lockdown. We knew it was coming and my family were preparing for what we now know as shielding. We had heard the rumours and bits of information that those extremely clinically vulnerable from covid-19 would be asked to stay at home for 12 weeks to protect themselves and protect the NHS.

I remember thinking at that moment – I have to go to the beach as I didn’t know when we’d be able to go again. The beach is my most favourite place in the world and if you follow my Facebook page you’ll have heard me mention Sandend Beach before too. It is the most perfect place on earth. I can’t even explain why as it is just a beach and I’m sure there are more glorious beaches on this earth. But there is something so special about this place – it is so calm and peaceful, I just love it!

So I took my son there early that morning on the 18th March, when it would be empty and we spent a perfect morning building sandcastles, chasing waves and going on a secret adventure through the sand dunes.

And then we stayed at home for almost 4 months.

Black and white photo of boy from the back staring out to sea at Sandend Beach aberdeenshire - Debbie Dee Photography - Aberdeenshire family photography

Recently the Scottish Government announced easing in shielding restrictions and so now that we can, I knew I had to go to the beach. Last week we left our town for the first time since 18th March and it was only right that Sandend Beach was the first place we went back to. Perfectly fitting and perfectly wonderful!

We built sandcastles, chased waves and went on a magical adventure through the sand dunes – let by this little guy…

Running in sand dunes at Sandend Beach - Debbie Dee Photography - Aberdeenshire family photography

While I know that life is not normal right now and there is still a long way to go – our day at the beach was perfect. This face of joy says it all…

If lockdown has taught me anything it is how important all these little moments are.

I have a line in my guide I send out to clients that I really believe in: today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories. Moments might seem so small and simple when they’re happening but when we look back it’s those little moments that stick in our mind as so special and mean so much.

This is true now more than ever.

I also want to say an extra special thank you to all the people who were out at Sandend Beach that day. Everyone was respecting the rules and staying 2m apart in their own family groups. We found a quiet spot to ourselves and had a great day. It is scary for shielding people to be leaving their houses now but the amazing people of Aberdeenshire made it much less scary for us – so honestly, thank you so much, as you helped make these happy moments possible for my family…

Hiding in sand dunes at Sandend Beach - Debbie Dee Photography - Aberdeenshire family photography