Kathryn & Corran’s Breastfeeding Mini Session

Mum and baby

So many kisses!

This is what immediately springs to mind when I think about this beautiful Mummy & Baby. Kathryn just can’t stop kissing Corran – and nor should she! I first met Kathryn when Corran was a tiny baby and they came to the local breastfeeding support group. I liked her instantly! Kathryn is one of those people who just exudes kindness. She is happy and friendly and she ADORES her baby so much.

Baby sucking fingers

From the minute they arrived at my studio they were naturals! So comfortable and content in each others company – it was a joy to photograph them and capture the very special bond they have. We started the session by taking some Mummy & Me photos and then got some gorgeous breastfeeding keepsake photos. The whole session was so relaxed and we chatted constantly – about life and babies and 2am/3am/4am/5am/6am feeds!

Mum and baby holding hands

Corran is such a peach. She is so full of joy and spent most of the session smiling constantly (at her mama of course – she barely noticed I was there).

Mum and baby laughing

Mum and baby laughing

Baby smiling at the camera

Corran was born prematurely and spent time in special care. The reality of that experience is etched on this mama forever. You can see that she holds her baby that bit closer, kisses her that bit more often, and treasures her that bit harder.

Mum kissing babys head

I honestly felt privileged to be able to capture their connection and their love for one another.

Baby touching mums face

Giving her these photos – as a keepsake of this special time in their lives – is like holding up a mirror and saying to her:

  • Look at what an amazing mama you are?
  • Look how much Corran adores you? 

Mum’s are so often the ones taking the photos and we forget to be in them. I’m so happy that Kathryn will have these photos to look back on and treasure. She’ll always be able to see the way Corran looked at her – so full of love for her mama!

Thank you for making my job easy!

Mum kissing baby

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